Sunday, 4 July 2010

Vintage Poison's 99 Red Balloons

On Saturday 10th July, poetry collective Vintage Poison will be holding the second of its outdoor events, 99 Red Balloons. As you've probably already guessed it involves 99 helium filled red balloons.

Each balloon will have tied to it a blank tag and here's where you come in. They're offering 99 people the chance to claim a balloon for themselves and write whatever they want on their tag. It could be a joke, a poem, a wish, a secret, your phone number - whatever you like.

To claim your red balloon, you need to do be available to turn up the afternoon of Saturday 10th July, for a balloon releasing venue in central London.

The afternoon itself will not just involve balloon releasing but will also be a bit of a picnic as well as music, poets, bad stand up comedy etc.

If you fancy joining the fun, email to get involved, and if you're available and genuinely interested VP will send you the details of where to turn up.

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