Sunday, 18 July 2010

Rice Planting Songs #10, 11 and 12

Just back from a week in Anglesey. Arguably not an adventurous holiday but you couldn't pay for the events of the last night, when high winds and high tide brought the raging estuary, replete with madly dancing boats, right up to our front door. I had to rescue one of our recycling boxes in my dressing gown and was nearly picked up and dunked by a sudden gust!

Great area for birdwatching too. Anyway, here are the three rice planting songs I did before leaving. So far I've managed to keep to the aim of one for every working day:

Rice Planting Song #10
Republic of Sudan 5.6.10
I'll say this of oil:
the bright, the dull, the damned dull,
it gathers them all

Rice Planting Song #11
Republic of Sudan 6.6.10 
The spat off-stage is
not entirely discreet. This
is quite outrageous.

Rice Planting Song #12
Republic of Sudan 7.6.10 
It's art, not science:
dressing well but not so's to
outshine one's clients.

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