Friday, 2 July 2010

Rice Planting Songs #7, #8 and #9

I can't pretend these are going well! Still, I'm keeping to the rules - one for every day I do my job. As on #9, I'm switching to three lines, I think.

Rice Planting Song #7
Lower Mill Estate v HMRC 28.06.10

What god of pain gave
the order that all courtrooms
be filled, wave on wave,
with bust chairs with moulded arms?

Rice Planting Song #8
TVK Hull No.7 29.06.10

Yesterday, the air
filled with operatic voice!
Today, a jackdaw
fills in, his tenor quite coarse.

Rice Planting Song#9
Leedon v Hurry 01/07/10

The mics can pick up
the sound of minds being made,
each hush and scrape.

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