Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Rice Planting Songs #13, 14 and 15

I've got to start posting more than rice planting songs and Microfiction Club! Thing is, the landscape of the internet is changing - Facebook is sucking up most of my comment time, to the extent that I even have much constructive to say about the latest developments.

Let's see. The Forward Prize shortlists were announced today! Unfortunately, out of all of them, I've read one book and one poem, so not really in a position to say much except that at first glance, there's nothing to get excited about - the usual names in the 'best collection' category, and some new stuff in the 'best first collection' category.

Here are the rice planting songs for the last three days. I'm afraid they're, at best, pretty rough.

Rice Planting Song #13
Diners Club 19.07.10

Three arbitrators
pick at a dinner spilt by
colliding waiters.

Rice Planting Song #14
Diners Club 20.07.10

The translator steers
between two styles of music,
storms crowding her ears.

Rice Planting Song #15
Diners Club 21.07.10

It's indigestion
of a sort - this reluctance
to answer questions.

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