Sunday, 20 March 2011

peony moon, etcetera and Magma

Here are some recent additions to my ewok warrior belt of honour:
  • Six poems at peony moon, Michelle McGrane's popular and active poetry previews site. Three are from Scarecrows, three from the forthcoming School of Forgery.
  • Three poems at etcetera. These are all new, although the first is a radical rewrite of a poem I had published ages ago. This version is going to be slotted into Coin Opera 2, which will be out later this year.
  • Five poems in Magma 49, edited by Julia Bird. One is available online via the link. I also read last week at the launch party for this issue, alongside one of my big influences, W.N. Herbert, whose verse "is manga made iconostasis" (his own words - you can see why I like him!)
I also have one poem in the forthcoming issue of Brand. Stay tuned too for news of an event I'm doing called 'We Eat Poets'.

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