Wednesday, 30 March 2011

April is the school-est month!

...thanks to The Rush Hour Lectures, which will be hitting University College London throughout April. There will be Machiavelli, medieval manuscripts, Faroese chain dancing, and a spot of grimecore. Be on your toes, because they eschew a regular day of the week, and even a regular venue, but they all take place somewhere around UCL's Bloomsbury stomping ground. Lecture room doors swing open at 17:10 for a 17:30 start. Entry is free, as is wine! Check the schedule or the Facebook group for specifics.

They have been organised by Richard Cole, whom I first saw giving an erudite but very funny lecture on the subject of Runology at UCL's Bright Club. The Rush Hour Lectures get cracking (off) this Friday, April 1st, with "Masturbation - A Natural History", with a further 4 dates throughout April.

After that, the baton of Enlightenment passes back to The Camden School of Enlightenment in time for our show on May 10th, which will feature Stevie Smith, and A Field Guide to Fetishes, among other musings.

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