Sunday, 7 November 2010

Stay away from that Trapdoor! (but go to Camden!)

Camden School of Enlightenment
is once more waving its learned and friendly hand! On Tuesday 9th November, pop down to The Camden Head (nee Liberties) for:

Dominatrix of demotic erotica Sophie Cameron. She intends to dispense some much-needed Sex Education for Northerners, the mucky pup.

Jon Stone returns for the second instalment of his microlecture series deconstructing cartoons of the 80s. This time he's taking us spelunking through The Trap Door!

Dali-esque darling Alan Wolfson! For the final show of his all-too-fleeting residency, he's going to relive his Life in Plastic (it's fantastic, apparently).

Our Dead Poet will be Ivor Cutler after a quick rinse and wring through the mind-mangle of Will Hames.

Concealed rather obviously within one of those acts, we'll have the ukulele magic of Caroline "Fourstrum" Grannell, and maybe more pluck-me madness from our friends at UkeyLove

Floor spots are available - sign up at 8 if you can enlighten us on the theme of your choice. See you there! And did we mention it's free, all free?

Facebook event page here!

Also follow host Mike West, alias @camdenlight, on Twitter. Recent gems include:
Corporates: please stop calling people "champions", unless they've actually won at the Olympics or killed a knight in single combat.

"Have you swiped your nectar card?" It knows full well I haven't, the sarky get.

For less rapier-witted, but nonetheless enlightening updates, we too have joined the Twitticism Brigade - jump aboard at @SidekickBooks!

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