Thursday, 25 November 2010

Sidekick Books Artist Profile: Monika Cilmi

The first in a series of profiles of selected contributors to Sidekicks books projects. Today I'll be talking to Monika Cilmi, whose calligraphic birds grace many pages in the upcoming anthology Birdbook Part I.

Born in Italy and living in England, Monika Cilmi works as an art tutor and workshop leader in various Colleges in London, and is represented by Tokani Art Agency. She is a visiting lecturer at University of the Arts London and at Middlesex University. She has exhibited her art in Italy, England and Germany and has won prizes for her work. Monika's work features in International Contemporary Artists Volume 1 (ICA Artists, 2010). She is planning projects with galleries in New York, Canada and Germany, as well as a solo exhibition at Colorida Galeria, Lisbon, and publication in an upcoming art dictionary.

A brief interview:

Sidekick Books:
Who or what would you say influences your work?

Monika Cilmi: Japanese art and philosophy, particularly zen brushwork and calligraphy. I am also influenced by the importance of the relationship between body, mind and nature, following my latest research.

SKB: Does the subject matter you use vary wildly, or do you find yourself returning to certain motifs and ideas?

MC: The subject matter is always the same but it is always interpreted and expressed differently through my research on gesture and the use of various materials and tools.

SKB: What convinced you to take part in the Sidekick Books projects?

MC: A passion for nature and birds in particular, but also the opportunity to use my unique style to create the illustrations.

SKB: Do you prefer to work alone or collaborate, and why? If the latter, what would your dream collaboration involve?

MC: I often prefer to work alone but I also enjoy collaborating with other artists. My dream collaboration would be with a composer, musician or dancer for a project that can combine sounds, movements and visual interpretation.


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