Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Korsakoff's Paper Chain

There was a time when I thought we'd never get our editing heads round this beast. Korsakoff's Paper Chain is our chunkiest micro-anthology yet at 72 pages (although it will be utterly dwarfed by the full-size Birdbook I, which is coming soon) and is full of complex, clever poems, as well as broken text and linking commentary from Dr Fulminare himself.

Ten poets - David Floyd, Charlotte Geater, Aiko Harman, Sarah Howe, Edward Mackay, Richard O'Brien, Adham Smart, James Wilkes, Chrissy Williams and Tony Williams - contributed to this book, which sees a piece of text from a 1958 issue of Meccano magazine reduced to fragments then rebuilt, then destroyed, then rebuilt, ten times in total.

The front cover artwork is by the talented Sam Szulc and another top artist, Liam Yeates, provided us with some wonderfully vigorous endpaper art.

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