Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Robots in Scotland!

What have we been up to?

Well now, after a whirlwind weekend of writing and compiling, me and Jon have crafted a pamphlet of collaborative and experimental robot-themed poetry. Forest Publications are releasing it through their chapbook series as "No, Robot, No!", under the pseudonyms Roy Marvin and Eve Bishop (10 points for naming those refs!).

We travelled to Edinburgh to engage in further Forest fun last Wednesday. The night, Golden Hour vs Plastic Forks, involved music, art and a nook of poetic goodness in which we cavorted and frolicked on the themes of technology, the future, dreams and computer games, joined by the likes of Happenstance's Helena Nelson, Rob Mackenzie, Ryan Van Winkle and Dave Coates. Great stuff. More robots.

Thanks also to the lovely Megan and Ben for putting us up and treating us real lovely, with croissants and mammoth pizzas and top charity shopping. We love you guys.

Sour side to our Scottish trip came with a heartburn-expensive plane ticket mix-up and a lost bag. Bag was returned tonight, though. Thank you Claire from BA!

In Sidekick Books news, we just got the proof back for our second book this year, Korsakoff's Paper Chain. We're going to do a twin launch with the awesome Pocket Spellbook when we hold the copies in our grubby paws. No robots confirmed as yet. Equally, robots not ruled out altogether. More to follow on that!


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