Monday, 16 May 2011

What To Do - K's pamphlet is loose!

Happenstance Press have very kindly released my first solo pamphlet, What To Do, in their trademark gorgeous design - cream cover with a menacing Ittan-momen, courtesy of artist Gillian Beaton, and delicious dark green end-papers.

Aside from killer scarves, expect Cat Stevens, a psychiatric institution populated by mythical figures and the odd lonely fetishist, among the other misfits roaming the pages.

Priced at £4 plus postage, here's what the blurb says:

This pamphlet is full of characters in trouble. The energy that drives the poems won’t settle for resolution, only the sense that however bizarre the action or injury, it has you by the throat and isn’t letting go. This is, as they say, something else.

Visit Happenstance's shop to see a sneak preview of one of the poems!


theTsaritsa said...

Wanna trade a zine for a zine? I just published my third issue of Be About It! Let me know if you want one and I'll hook you up :)

Be About It, the DREAMS issue

Jon Stone said...

Swap for a pamphlet or a Fuselit? Sure - send me your address Alexandra, and I'll reply with mine! Look forward to reading your mag.

Mike Stone said...

Congratulations Kirsty!

Though I think I preferred my own ittan-momen [insert more self-praise & ego-tripping here].