Wednesday, 4 May 2011

...and another May update

While John and Kirsty are slaving over a hot printing press, I shall be out and about reacquainting myself with London's stages and microphones. Specifically:

Friday 6th - Bingo Master's Breakout, London's premier bingo poetry karaoke night. This time, it's not just your bog-standard bingo poetry karaoke: this month it's Eurovision bingo poetry karaoke, and I shall be representing Greece. Now, I know what you're thinking: how will I be providing a unique slant on Eurovision bingo poetry karaoke? I'll be combining it with a Feltographic commentary: that is how.

Sunday 8th - Open Mic at the Hideaway, guest-hosting in Fran Isherwood's shoes. We welcome musicians, comedians, storytellers, poets, burlesqueteers and casual drinkers with nothing better to do in the Tufnell Park area on a Sunday evening.

Tuesday 10th - The Camden School of Enlightenment will have some storytelling, fetish lecturing, improv comedy and an interview with dead poet Stevie Smith, amongst other Jedi mindf---s. As usual, I shall be discharging my duties as Headmaster of Ceremonies.

Wednesday 18th - Touch Me I'm Sick, co-hosting again, with the most lovable Joe Campbell of R'n'B News fame. Three featured poets (TBA), and floorspot poemswapping (bring two poems: one to read yourself, and another to go in the champagne cooler for somebody else to read).

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