Monday, 2 May 2011

May Update!


Well, Birdbook is finally out, as this handsome Dutch golem will attest to. Now we only need to do the work of an entire marketing department! Support so far from the poetry community has been fantastic, but we aim to distribute this book further afield as well. It's a learning experience so don't kick us too hard if we mess up!

In the next week, we should have the first Irregular Features of 2011 up. These include reviews, an interview and a new article by Andrea Tallarita with a typically interesting premise.

Apart from that, we're getting on with Fuselit: Contraption. I should have an 'Under Development' bar at the side, just so I don't need to keep assuring people we're 'getting on' with stuff. We are. We're just not quite Aperture Science. Or Valve, for that matter.

Kirsty is due to release her debut pamphlet, What To Do, this month, through Happenstance. It has lots of really good poems in. Kirsty and I generally avoid saying too much about each other's work because you obviously can't trust us to be impartial, but for the record, I've always thought she's a more naturally gifted poet than me with a stronger individual style. Her subject matter is also of note - rather than ranging over whole glossaries of material in the contemporary way, she tends to stick more closely to treatments of outsiders and individuals in desperate and sad-comic situations, often related to sexual repression, but generally avoids the 'worthy' or 'Phil Collins' perspective. I honestly think the main reason she hasn't been published more widely before now is because most of what she writes is too dark to be celebratory and too witty to be moralistic or melancholic. That, and her work is usually quite syntactically complex without being avante.

Other things dragging their heels over the distant horizon:
  • e-book editions of our micro-anthologies
  • online editions of past Fuselits (probably 1. Demo and 12. Fox)
  • the first Sidekick Books 'team-up' pamphlet
  • Coin Opera 2 and our first charity anthology
So stick with us! We may be slow but we get there in the end!

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