Saturday, 6 February 2010

Mimesis 6

I'm months late to report on this, but since Mimesis is on hiatus for the time being, it's as good a time as any to recommend issue 6. I say 'recommend' - does it count as a recommendation if I'm in it? I've nothing financially to gain from it, after all.

In any case, I'll recommend it in two senses. First of all, I recommend you read my article When to Mischief: In Search of Burlesque in Contemporary British Poetry, which is published therein, so that you can talk about burlesque poetry with your friends and titter condescendingly when they ask: "Is that poetry about girls with tassles on their boobs?" "No, no, no," you will scold, and go on to explain about the roots of the word, how Virgil suffering a travesty led to The Rape of the Lock and why burlesque techniques still represent an intriguing and under-appreciated side of contemporary British verse.

I also recommend picking up a copy of Mimesis 6 because it contains two superior essays (by Luke Kennard and Robert Archambeau) as well as an international array of poetry, including a new piece by Paul Muldoon and four 'dictionary' pieces by Richard Moorhead (more of which are published in the latest Horizon Review).

Oh, and get you skates on - nearly all back issues of Mimesis have sold out.

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