Sunday, 7 February 2010

About that Tilt...?

Yes indeed - where is our friend Tilt?

The latest development is this:

Since the spectacular failure of the postal service to deliver our tool, we've trekked out to Greenford not once but twice in order to secure a different one. Rest assured that it will be worth it - the wait for you, the voyage for us - 'fact, it'll be yummy.

So what could possibly be the hold-up? Well, old faithful, the Lexmark laser, has decided to print in lousy quality only, despite a plentiful and expensive toner supply. So tomorrow, after work, I'm going to go get the files printed by proper people with real printers. Then we can get to work.

Assuming all goes well at the printer's and we get back the copies ok, we hope to be sending out issues within the week to patient subscribers and contributors, and then to good supporters who're purchasing single issues. Thanks again for bearing with us, everybody!

In the meantime, if you've a curious mind and wish to see Fuselits past, as well as a treasure trove of other poetry, all for free, do head down to Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank and make yourself at home in the Poetry Library. Our entire back catalogue is there - to my knowledge this only exists in a couple other places - one of them being Jon's personal library/shoebox.

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