Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Your free, semi-portable Tilt update

We said we've have Tilt out in January and we may still yet. The flat is now littered with prototypes because we're trying a radical new binding method that looks fresh and exciting and also solves a problem we've been having for a while with uneven borders (due to the trimming you have to do on saddle-stitched booklets).

Things I can tell you about this revolutionary new process for producing Fuselits:
1) The word 'stab' is involved.
2) The stabbing motion is actually performed multiple times on each issue.
3) I have bought a sewing awl from the chandlers on Shaftesbury Avenue.
4) I have also bought an 'Extra Heavy Duty Leather Punch'. This hasn't arrived yet.
5) Ribbon will replace thread, all being well.
6) Bright orange ribbon!
7) It all began when I watched a Youtube video in two parts.

Bear with us because we've also been having some printer trouble. Not to mention the devil of a time I've had with Tilt's cover - cutting out umpteen circular holes and getting them to line up with letters on another sheet below it.

But by gum, it is on its way!

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aiko harman said...

hooray for new binding methods!