Sunday, 24 January 2010

Popshot Popshot

Poorly designed poetry journals are fast becoming an endangered species (even if you're unimpressed with my efforts on Fuselit, we are but one). Enter editor Jacob Denno, who brings a bona fide design student's sensibility to the poetry mag, not to mention a raft of talented illustrators who are paired up with the poems and set to work on complementing the words with a range of delightful images. The result is called Popshot and it looks like this:

I ran into Denno when he was pitching his creation to an art bookshop just off Curtain Road and immediately asked to have a look at it. It really is lovely. Smooth black matt pages, bold red title lettering and crisp, clear images. Quite a nice smell too.

It comes out biannually, has been getting plenty of attention in major magazines, and is available to order from the Popshot website for a very fair £6. If you, like me, have resolved to spend at least a tenner on poetry every month (hardly a demand on the pocket), then that still leaves you with enough for a Happenstance or tall-lighthouse pamphlet before February. Perfecto.

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