Tuesday, 19 January 2010

February at the Poetry Cafe - K rambles!

Hello! If you're in the reach of Covent Garden/Leicester Square on Thursday 4 February at, oh, say 8pm, stop by the Rock 'n' Sole Plaice (for triple - possibly more! - pun action, as well as the fish and chips).

But THEN, bloated and waddly from your tea, stumble over to the Poetry Cafe for a February bonanza of excellent poetry by Wayne Holloway-Smith, whose poem about the Nue featured in the Sidekick Books anthology Obakarama, Camellia Stafford, whose debut pamphlet "another pretty colour, another break for air" was released as part of tall-lightouse's Pilot scheme, and Tim Wells, whose latest collection, Rougher Yet, was released by Donut Press last year. Oh yes, and me. Most likely my set will involve the Amiga 600 game Lemmings (by way of preview for Coin Opera 2), Twin Peaks, some Faulknerish type milling round the kitchen trying to resurrect a man they knew and a degree of filth.

Click here to view the event! Then click Attend! It is the one that does not say Not Attending or Maybe Attending!

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