Thursday, 28 June 2007

Edinburgh Performers wanted and Mimesis Competition

Greetings one and all Fuseliteers!

OK, so the Edinburgh festivities will be held on Saturday 21st July, as you know. We'll be producing a flyer and you can email us for any information, but you're all very much invited for a night of FuseLit reading and performance with quite possibly a Cabaret-themed party afterwards.

Furthermore, we want your performing skills! Any contributors to
FuseLits past and present need to email me about performing as we need to let the guys from the Forest Project know how many people need a floor to crash on. We're going to try and get a guitar amp, and I'm bringing a bass amp, and there's a PA there too.

Let's have a big raucous ole ball in Scotland to kick off NUDE in style!

OK, second item: Mimesis magazine are running a Mythic Poetry Competition. Full details can be found here:

Basically, writing a poem from the POV of a mythical character. Prizes include Lulu vouchers and subscriptions to the rather excellent Mimesis, so well worth entering!

OK, signing off! Let me know about Edinburgh if you want to strut yer stuff. I'm unpacking my feather boa as we speak!

Much FuseLove,
Kirsty x

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