Tuesday, 3 July 2007

'Nude' delayed

Hi Fuseliteers. It's the production editor here, hijacking the editor's blog. I'm logging on to let you know that Nude has been delayed by hopefully no more than a week. As per the Fuselit tradition, we had the whole thing designed, formatted, pdf'd and ready to blaze about a month ago, and have spent the intervening time trying to figure out how to print it. The timely Forest grant has allowed us to buy a new Lexmark laserjet, which solves most of the problem. However, it only arrived yesterday.

Luckily, I have today off work (by which I mean, since I'm a freelancer, that I have no work and can thus expect no pay), so before I got dressed or had breakfast, I set about installing the printer and running off proofs. It's now nearly half past three and I've just finished! Holy moley! Don't ask.

All being well, we can run off enough copies for everyone over the next three days, which just leaves the CD's to burn. One busy weekend should see us postbox-bound.

Now I must eat and get a haircut.

- Production Editor

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