Saturday, 16 June 2007

Extra Funding!

Thanks to the amazing, wonderful, non-heinous people of The Forest Collective, who are based in Edinburgh and aim to promote independent arts, little old FuseLit has been awarded a £100 GRANT!!! Before you say "Heyyyy - how bout that price rise?" we plan to put the entire sum towards a new colour laser printer so we can produce new issues at a better quality (and on time) for many moons to come.

This could not have come at a better time, as once again, technical glitches seem to be following NUDE like dirty old men. Just the thing to raise our spirits and so we thank The Forest Collective for their amazing generosity. Vive la FuseLit!

In other exciting news, we are hoping to plot some events in Edinburgh with the Collective to launch NUDE, including readings, performance, some possible workshops, and a lot of gambolling about. If you fancy it, come along and support your Lit! Provisional date is weekend beginning Friday 20th July.

Talking of NUDE, by God you're in for
a treat when this little number pops through your letterbox or into your hand. Let's just say you'll be thrilled, chilled and fulfilled.

Meanwhile, on to the fishnets and feather fans of CABARET!

Deadline is August 1st - We want poetry, prose, artwork, music. All themed around CABARET, all fresh and new especially for FuseLit (NO back catalogue work please) to make this the extravagaza we've all been dreaming of.

The show must go on! Check out the
website for more information on what's happening and coax friends, family members et al into our cult-like clutches.

Thanks e
verybody, as ever, for your top-notch support and love. FuseLit will save your family from any foe.

K x

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