Monday, 30 August 2010

Thra-koom & 12 Angry Zines #7!

We're back from a week away! And here is the weather:

Silkworms Ink have published a new free e-pamphlet on their website. It's called Thra-koom and it collects eleven poems about comic characters (mostly Marvel, I must admit). The introductory blurb goes like this:

"In which we explore superheroes and comic characters – as myths, monsters, invalids, metaphors, stereotypes and human beings – using the only medium that doesn’t require a license."

Meanwhile, #7 of Mercy's 12 Angry Zines project is out. This is a project based around the film 12 Angry Men and #7 (themed around the salesman juror) features new poems from Kirsty and I, as well as work from Fuselit and our soon-to-be-released Sidekick Books micro-anthology Pocket Spellbook, courtesy of poets David Floyd and Ian McLachlan. You can read the entire issue here.

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