Friday, 6 August 2010

Fuselit: Jack Update

The final stages of putting Fuselit together always seem to take forever, but today, I've put the pdf of the inside pages on my flash drive and we're taking it to the print shop to run off some pages and make up some test copies, which I hope will be perfecto.

Here's a sample snip of the cover of 'Hijacks', the extra booklet that comes with each issue:

I'm glad you asked. These are French boules with the faces of various famous Jacks on them. They relate to poems by Roddy Lumsden, Declan Ryan, Whitney Wish Johnson and Francine Rubin. There are two more not shown in this snip, relating to two more Jacks.

Why boules? Um. Well, there's a 'jack' in a game of boules and I just happened to remember those Madballz toys from the nineties. It all seemed to be pointing somewhere.

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