Friday, 18 June 2010

Fuselit News Update

We've very nearly finished the layout for Fuselit: Jack. It's the biggest issue of Fuselit yet - the contributors section alone is nine pages long. We're sticking with the stab-binding method we used for Tilt, and Kirsty and I have passed various ideas for front covers between us over the past month. I've done some draft sketches and designs but am not completely sure what we're going with. The back-up booklet is a bit of an issue. We've been given a great idea but we've been slow on getting people on board for it because we've been concentrating on recruiting for the Sidekick Books side of things. It's on my emergency to-do list!

According to the current timetable, we should have Jack ready to print by the end of the month, then it's early July for our 'inevitable problems with printing' period and mid-July for contributors and subscribers starting to get their copies in the post.

Actually, I just had an idea regarding the layout. I'm going to go back to it and put that in right now.


Jacqueline Saphra said...

Funnily enough I am still working on my Jack poem. I am named Jacqueline after my Grandfather, Jack, who died before I was born. But the poem's taking a while. So thanks for the inspiration. Wouldn't have started it without your trigger.

Kirsten Irving said...

Hey Jacqui! Glad to hear Jack sparked off a good piece! Production is slowly getting there with Jack - it's been an interesting gestation...