Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Days of Roses @ Oliver's Bar

There's been a meeting of minds between London poets Declan Ryan, who runs the regular Days of Roses readings, and Christopher Horton, who runs The Hold in Greenwich. As a result, tonight will be the last The Hold event and it's been renamed Days of Roses, since the two of them are going on to run nights together under the Days of Roses banner from hereon in, or herein on, whichever you prefer.

Whatever the name, tonight is certainly the last event, for the time being, at Oliver's Bar on Nevada Street, Greenwich, with its charming underground cellar. I'll be reading alongside Eric Gregory winners James Brookes and Luke Heeley, and Oxfam poet-in-residence/Eyewear blogger Todd Swift. There's also music from Jaycub. I'm frantically trying to finish some new poems in time for it! 7pm start time.

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