Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Lardermania Friday 14 May!

Munch munch...Me and Jon are reading at Lardermania, the latest of Roddy Lumsden's perennially-popular platter of multi-poet events! Come along - it's always a delicacy.

Where: upstairs at The Betsey Trotwood.

When: 8pm sharp, Friday 14th May

What: On Friday, BroadCast's latest multi-poet event sees 26 poets perform an alphabet of new poems on the subject of food. Plus Don Share, poet and senior editor of Poetry magazine and a few readings from the work of food-loving poet Craig Arnold, who died in an accident a year ago.

With a poem each by Kirsten Irving / Charlotte Newman / Rowyda Amin / James Goodman / Angela Kirby / Claire Crowther / Samuel Prince / Tim Wells / Mark Waldron / Holly Hopkins / Diana Pooley / David Floyd / Samantha Jackson / Judy Brown / James Brookes / Don Share / Katy Evans Bush / Dzifa Benson / Jack Underwood / Jon Stone / Swithun Cooper / Julia Bird / Sarah Hesketh / Annie Freud / Roddy Lumsden / Jackey Smith.

Cost: £5 sterling

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