Friday, 23 April 2010

Where have we gone?

Kirsty and I are extremely distracted this month. As well as getting it together for the Dress Rehearsal Rag event, we're doing the new tradition of a poem a day for April. We've done it the last couple of years, and even though it results in daily banging your head on the table at midnight and beyond, you do come out of it with a lot to work with. Last year and this year, I picked an over-arcing theme and took it as far as I could. Many of last year's poems ended up in Scarecrows, so I'm hoping to generate a similarly rich crop in 2010.

I'm posting them all to this thread as I go along, so if you think you can stand my constant complaining about not having enough time and are interested in what limits I will stoop to in desperation, by all means have a gander. I'm not horribly ashamed of my efforts quite yet. K's thread is here.

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