Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Mind Map Review needs you!

Jet Payne, formerly headbosschief of Arts Pneumonia, has engaged in a most intriguing sport, launching a zine that encourages your synapses to run riot - the Mind Map Review!

A freely distributed London arts review magazine based around a simple concept, Mind Map Review covets reviews in the form of a ‘mind map’, 'brain storm', ‘spider diagram’, ‘flow chart’ or similar diagram, with the aim of simplifying the reviewing process, stripping it back to the essential points as they would appear at a planning stage.

The London Mind Map Review launches in May, and Londoners should submit reviews of art exhibitions, spoken word events, theatre, gigs and other arts events.

Further specifics can be found here.

Deadline for the May issue is 1 May with the 1st of each following month marking the deadline for that month’s issue.


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