Saturday, 24 May 2008

Make Your Own Fuselit: Straddle

Fuselit for free? How's that?

Straddle, Fuselit's third issue, has been sold out for some time now. At the time we brought it out, we were selling Fuselit sans website, via a table on the University campus one day a week. We only had 50 copies printed and didn't bother with a second run. So we've now decided to make this issue available for free to everyone in PDF format. Rather than simply read it on your computer screen, however, we've designed it for you to print out and (with a few deft snips and a long-arm stapler) assemble into hard copy format. You can even make multiple copies and sell them on if you want to.

Straddle features work by Submarine author Joe Dunthorne (before he was famous), London poet Barney Tidman (who has since supported Patrick Wolf), well known Fuselit regulars like Aliya Whiteley, John Osbourne and David Floyd and a rare appearance from the enigmatic Paul Haggar.

So what're you waiting for? Spread it far and wide!

Click here to download

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