Thursday, 1 November 2012

Binders Full of Women!

Sophie Mayer and Sarah Crewe, the all-editing, all-curating creators of the Pussy Riot anthology Catechism, have only gone and made sexy great binders full of poetry by women! If you need an excuse for a hearty dose of feminism and all-round love, the proceeds go to Rape Crisis UK and the Michael Causer Foundation. Pick up your binder today!

In case the title of this project rings no bells, here's a little something about Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

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Mumbles said...

I still find myself struck by sudden, shuddering intakes of breath, an almost "sup-sup" sensation, followed by the relieved sigh as I remember that it's over--it's over, the election has come and passed, and Mr. Romney is not President-elect. I have no idea how long before I've fully recovered.

I'm enjoying reading!