Tuesday, 6 September 2011

September Update

About four or five posts ago I made some kind of promise (to an unspecified person - possible myself) that Contraption would be out in August. Well, about a billion things got in the way. I hate promising myself things. Two days ago, Kirsty did a simultaneous edit of all three versions (web, e-book, hard copy) and made numerous necessary edits. We did finally get hold of a printer that (thus far) works, but I have already put plan B into action, which means we're going to send off a pdf and get the pages printed and cut by a third party. We'll then do the binding and covers ourselves, as usual.

There are at least two more very exciting things to come from Fuselit/Sidekick Books in September - in fact, they're somehow more finished than Contraption, but I'll hold off on the details until we've got everything ready. Hopefully not too long!

In the mean time, this is the Best British Poetry 2011, just published by Salt:

It has a poem by me in it, but more importantly it has a poem from Fuselit in it! Richard Osmond's 'Logo' was from our last issue, Jack, and is a really brilliant little piece. At a tenner full price, and featuring a really varied array of poets from a slew of British journals, the whole book is a bit of a steal. Take that recommendation with however much salt you like, but know that I genuinely have difficulty enthusing about anything I'm associated with that I can pick holes in ...

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