Thursday, 27 January 2011

The General Update

Just to keep everyone posted on Sidekick/Fuselit activities, here's the SitRep. We're currently awaiting proofs of Birdbook and are part of the way through putting together the hard copy version of Fuselit: Contraption.

The former was beset with difficulties in getting a 1.24 gigabyte pdf to the printers (and yes, we tried the various rapid transfer devices, as well as breaking it up, compressing it etc), while the latter is currently being roadblocked by my design ideas being way too 'out there' for the internet to be able to help me with. There's one particular visual concept I'm googling at the moment that has given me page after page of people skirting around the issue, as well as that perpetual irritation: the gateway page generated by whatever you put in the search bar, posing as exactly what you're looking for but offering nothing of the sort.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, just imagine you were looking for cursed and painted horses. Upon googling 'cursed painted horses', you will find any number of sites that claiming to be or 'The definitive cursed painted horses site'. When you go to them, they're nothing more than poor search engines displaying results for horses, paints and curses, but never the three altogether.

This is only one of any number of obstacles that seem to be generated every day by a hateful world in response to our quest to make great literary knick-knacks. In response, we've turned our stubbornness settings up to 11 and increased the setback threat level to 'severe'.

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