Saturday, 15 September 2007

FOX deadline extended! Submissions please!

That's right! The next issue of FuseLit, for which we court your lickable, chaseable, scavengeworthy art, poetry, prose and music is called FOX, and you now have a snatch extra time to send us your finest scribblings on the subject! See bottom of post for details!

Here's the gist, for those new to this joint:

1. You take a good long look at the word of choice and think "hmm, FOX, you say..."

2. You write, sketch, paint, strum or toot a piece based around that word.

3. You send it to us and we have a good ruminate and enjoy your finery before letting you know whether we'd like to include it in FuseLit.

4. FuseLit is for serious AND fun! Share it with friends and tamarins!

All contributions to by December 31st please!

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